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Foundation Supports Donation of 20,000 Recycled School Bags

By Tash Morgan, Finatrade Corporate Communication Officer


In celebration of its 10th Anniversary the Finatrade Foundation teamed up with Omega Schools, DDP Outdoor, and the Kokrobitey Institute’s Ghana School Bag project, to distribute 20,000 school bags made from recycled materials to Omega School pupils across Greater Accra and in the Central Region at the beginning of the school term in September.

The recycled school bags, educational materials, and additional teacher support items, distributed were produced by the Ghana School Bag project and funded by contributions from the parents of the Omega School children, the Finatrade Foundation, and DDP Outdoor.

Rather than importing a low quality, but low cost, school bag from Asia, Omega Schools decided to give their students the opportunity to own a stronger, better quality, school bag handmade in Ghana. These school bags are made from recycled billboard flexi material, which is saved from polluting our landfill sites and therefore promotes environmental awareness among the children. The Ghana School Bag project also trains and employs people from the Kokrobitey area.

The bags are accompanied by well researched and beautifully presented educational materials that give the children access to educational games and activities related to environmental protection, hygiene, and community building. Teachers from Omega Schools are being supported with an easy to follow support guide to classroom activities, such as teaching children basic hygiene practices and how to plant and maintain a herb garden.

Source: Finatrade Filla Staff Newsletter, October/ November 2013 edition