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Frozen Chicken Imports – building Ghana’s frozen food infrastructure

Finatrade Group has long specialised in the import of high quality frozen food products to the West African market, including Ghana. Finatrade Group companies like Market Direct Ghana Limited (MDL Ghana) have been able to build first class delivery and market integration structures in the local frozen food and ricemarkets, as well as developing refrigerated haulage and warehousing.

Our efforts have helped to contribute to the country’s economic growth and improved the selection of consumables available via Ghana’s mini-market network.

Taking as an example frozen chicken imports, Finatrade Group works closely with farmers, foreign shipping companies and container specialists to ensure safe and regular delivery of frozen chicken, especially via Tema Harbour in Ghana. Our ongoing investment in frozen food infrastructure in Ghana is helping retailers of all shapes and sizes realise new levels of service quality to local consumers.

Frozen chicken imports remainjust one of a range of agricultural and other commodities handled by the Finatrade Group of companies. We are also active in the rice, sugar and cocoa markets. A sack of Finatraderice is now recognised as a mark of quality in Ghana and West Africa.