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Sultana Thai Hom Mali rice; a Finatrade brand.


Packaged Food

The Sultana brand promises to “delight your senses” and has been delivering on this promise to West African consumers for over ten years. Sultana is an award-winning aspirational brand for the home maker and is renowned in commercial and domestic circles as the must use-brand for occasions like weddings, engagements, christenings and parties of all sorts. It is recognized as a trusted product that promises perfection.

The Sultana product range includes Thai Hom Mali rice, tomato paste, spaghetti, mayonnaise, sunflower cooking oil, soybean cooking oil and sardines.

Finatrade’s aggressive pursuit of new products and markets while maintaining exceptional standards in existing products has entrenched Sultana as one of the most trusted brands in Ghanaian households.

Rice Master’s was launched in 1997 as one of the first branded soft commodities in Ghana. Rice Master’s is an umbrella brand that includes a number of individual packaged rice brands, differentiated by the rice’s origin and quality. As our founding brand Rice Master’s has contributed hugely to Finatrade’s success and prominence in the market.

Rice Master’s is the official meal sponsor of the Ghanaian national Soccer team, The Black Stars. This partnership has successfully embedded the brand as an essential part of daily life in Ghana.

Delicio’s has been offering “tasty everyday nutrition” that combines flavor, energy and affordability since 2005. Pasta is the perfect foundation for a healthy, delicious and satisfying meal.

The group has the only local pasta manufacturing facility in Ghana. The first products that entered the market with the Delicio’s brand name were spaghetti and macaroni. In 2010 Delicio’s also launched its packaged perfumed Thai Hom Mali rice and tomato paste categories.

Perfect taste and perfect flavor. Full of energy, Delicio’s keeps you going while making you stronger and healthier. It’s the choice young and old, and is easy to cook. That’s Delicio’s!

The Bella brand reminds us that “life is beautiful”.

Bella promises the modern West African family a combination of easy availability, quality and value for money, encompassing products central to their needs. Bella offers Thai Hom Mali rice, tomato paste, pasta, mayonnaise, ketchup, mackerel, corned beef, sardines and pilchards. The wide product offering allows the average West African to cook a quick dish for the family that is both delicious and healthy.

Adaptable to any cooking style; you can make life beautiful with Bella.


The power of protein and the goodness of soya; SoyGood juice, milk drinks and instant milk powder are made with the best quality soya, real fruit and real West African cocoa powder. Available in a variety of flavor variants, Soy Good is the most delicious and healthy way to enjoy soy milk.

SoyGood was conceived by Finatrade to address the deficiency in quality protein in Africa and to improve the lives of our people. The soya bean is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and isoflavones, all of which promote the healthy growth of the body and brain. And the best part is that SoyGood soy milk always tastes great!

“Akwaaba” is an expression that one hears when they travel across Ghana. Night and day, this expression always rings in your ears and stands true to its meaning: “Welcome”.

A welcome drink is often the first item that is served to any individual who sets foot in a Ghanaian home. Malt in particular is a preferred drink among Ghanaian consumers. Akwaaba Malt was developed to cater to this broad category.

Akwaaba has been extended to fruit juice drinks and cereal milk. Akwaaba fruit juice is available in orange, mixed fruits, pineapple, apple and guava flavors. Akwaaba cereal milk comes in sweet corn and chocolate flavors.

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