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Horticultural studies at KNUST.

Model Farm

The Foundation’s flagship Model Farm Project at KNUST was established in 2009 and has since yielded tremendous results. The farm is open to use by all agriculture students at KNUST, including the Finatrade Foundation Scholarship beneficiaries.

The farm runs animal science, horticulture and crop and soil science programs. The animal science program has produced chicken broilers for resale. Their work has been greatly enhanced by the installation of a borehole and tank, which provides the fowl with adequate water supply. The strategy in the horticulture program is to continue with the planting of grass and vegetables under irrigation. Maize produced through the crop and soil science program is fed back into the animal science piggery project, thereby integrating the farm’s activities.

Students at KNUST utilizing the model farm's facilities.

The foundation established the second Model Farm Project in 2011 at the College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences, University of Ghana, Legon. The farm started with a seed fund of about GH30,000 and is currently doing very well with one acre each of cowpea, okra, tomatoes and pepper. The college has so far successfully harvested and sold produce from the farm. They have constructed a 90 meter borehole for massive dry season farming. The farm is also serving as study center for the students.

University of Ghana students learn more about fresh produce.
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