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A shopkeeper at Makola Market, Accra, Ghana.


Finatrade brings West Africa’s consumer products and agri-commodities to the world, and the world’s consumer products to West Africa. We are a distribution company, which is vertically integrated with the capacity to provide the optimal route-to-market of a wide range of products tailored to the West African consumer and adding value to their daily lives. By making optimal use of our resources we also locally procure ethically sourced agri-commodities destined for local and export markets.


Finatrade is a vertically integrated company, which is not only advantageous for our businesses, but also for our community, the local and regional economy and the environment. And this, in turn, is good for our customers.

Dry Foods Processing production facility, Accra, Ghana.

Route to

In distributing our products, we make use of a fully integrated distribution model and proprietary logistics infrastructure. We optimize these resources to deliver products to customers across West Africa.

Finatrade vehicles.


At Finatrade we believe that a sustainable supply chain is the only way to remain a successful distribution company in West Africa. It is more than a vision for the future; it is the core of our corporate strategy.

Cocoa being dried in the sun.


Finatrade recognizes the importance of sound corporate governance to sustainable growth. Our group-wide corporate governance framework is overseen by our board of directors and instituted along with a rigorous risk management strategy.

Finatrade West Africa regional office.