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Finatrade West Africa regional office.


Finatrade’s in-house Enterprise Report Planning (ERP) Department has made great progress in enhancing the group’s access to technology, and therefore its overall productivity.                                       

A sophisticated in-house ERP system has been implemented across all distribution companies within the group, thereby integrating them and increasing the management controls on elements such as consolidation, budget, planning and analysis. Risk is therefore also managed from our suppliers’ perspective, because this system ensures product integrity is upheld and stock levels are closely monitored.

Finatrade's Enterprise Resource Planning system in action.

Finatrade’s management team dedicates itself to ensuring that the group complies with international standards of business and reporting practices. To this end, our distribution companies are audited by Deloitte, while our holding entities and consolidated financials are audited by Mazars Group. The Finatrade board of directors holds quarterly meetings.

We regularly review our business and operational activities to identify areas of significant business risk and take appropriate measures to mitigate them.

Business and operational activities are reviewed regularly.
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