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Cocoa being dried in the sun.


We have a moral and social obligation to the environment, the people we work with and the local communities we interact with. Through our distribution model we are able to collect agri-commodities such as cocoa and cashew nuts from over 200,000 farmers and give them access to credit, fertilizers, machinery, benefit programs, training programs and a UTZ traceability and certification program.

UTZ Certified is one of the largest sustainability programs and labels for the sustainable farming of coffee, cocoa and tea. It ensures that these agri-commodities can be traced back to the farmers who produced them, and that these farmers are growing better crops, generating more income and creating better opportunities, while safeguarding the environment. For more information, please visit www.utzcertified.org.

A quality check on cocoa beans.

Biomass materials can be used as alternative, more cost effective sources of energy. Most importantly, they are renewable sources of energy, which go towards reducing carbon emissions.

Finatrade is actively investigating all possibilities for energy production using the cocoa pods left over from our cocoa processing operations. The energy produced using cocoa biomass can fuel multiple elements of our operations, besides cutting costs and reducing our carbon footprint.

Empty cocoa pods will be used to create biomass.

At Finatrade we recognize that our dependence on the environment places upon us a responsibility to use natural resources in a sustainable manner. We therefore strive to minimize pollution through more efficient resource use, recycling, treating and disposing of waste in a legal and responsible manner.

With regards to the food items Finatrade distributes, we work closely with all regulatory bodies and other relevant institutions to ensure that we correctly monitor safety parameters, adhere to the relevant guidelines and have access to any additional assistance required, in order to maintain the highest quality standards.

We also educate our staff on the company’s environmental obligations and take appropriate measures to ensure a healthy, safe and secure work environment for all.

Finatrade respects the environment and upholds the safety of its workers.

The Finatrade Foundation was founded in 2003 on the philosophy that corporate bodies have a responsibility to give back to society in order to operate sustainably together with their local communities. The Foundation encourages the advancement of agri-related industries, promotes education, creates job opportunities and supports health initiatives. This is mutually beneficial, as these programs indirectly develop prospective future generations of Finatrade suppliers, employees and consumers.

Finatrade Foundation interns at Finatrade.
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