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Dry Foods Processing production facility, Accra, Ghana.


For Finatrade, vertical integration means that all the functions of our business are held within our group of companies. This allows us to mobilize all departments at short notice, to respond directly to changes in the market and to have complete control over our product offering, from start to finish.

An integral part of our value chain is sustainability. We engage in local food and beverage processing and partner with local food processors in order to support the sustainable growth of the Ghanaian economy. In this way, we actively contribute to achieving food security in West Africa.

Readying a truck for the loading of goods at a Finatrade warehouse.

Through our distribution model we are able to collect agri-commodities such as cocoa and cashew nuts from over 200,000 farmers and give them access to credit, fertilizers, machinery, benefits, programs, and training programs. We also run a cocoa traceability and certification program, whereby the cocoa in finished products can be traced back all the way to its origin. This initiative ensures that farmers receive an additional premium for their cocoa produce.

On the back of our strong local consumer brands Finatrade has attracted major international consumer goods companies as suppliers and partners. Some of these partnerships have developed into joint venture agreements for the local processing of goods, to which our partners bring technical expertise while we contribute in-depth knowledge of the local market, product development and distribution. With West Africa’s demand for consumer goods increasing at an unprecedented rate, we see a greater than ever need for the local production of goods and plan to continue to develop local manufacturing as a core element of our business strategy.

Dry Foods Processing production facility, Tema, Ghana.

By anticipating the changing needs of the West African consumer we stay ahead of the curve, both in terms of product development and strategy.

In the last decade, rapid economic growth and a host of social and demographic changes have been strong accelerators of consumerism in the sub-West African region. Having grown with and through these changes, Finatrade has gained a deep knowledge of the market and confidence in navigating the West African business environment.

We understand West Africa’s consumers and are dedicated to bringing them a focused product portfolio that is tailored to their needs.

A consumer shopping at a Finatrade customer's shop.
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